Chriss Pascott


Chriss Pascott found his way into the electronic music scene riding the big trance wave of the 90ies. Eager to separate himself from the mainstream he quickly learned to love the beat and drop the bass.
Equipped with talent and self-confidence he soon found himself behind the turntables, experimenting with the characteristic styles of electronic music and soon focusing on techno, while always expanding his large music collection and advancing his own personal and distinctive style. Born and raised in Konstanz, Pascott reflects his Italian roots (and temperament) by using his mother’s maiden name as his stage name.
His first successes came as a resident DJ for Techno College, a regular event in the Konstanz electronic night life. From that, the successful collaboration and friendship with fellow DJ and producer Bombilla developed. Together they now organize and promote different events in and around Konstanz’s various locations and run a studio together, where Pascott constantly hones his music skills and sets.
Chriss Pascott's style is unique: he draws from many techno related genres to create powerful sets that drive everyone to move.